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07 July 2013



Maybe repaint the shabby chic furniture in a bright color or in pale grey (which seems to be a new trend).

Melissa's Antiques

I think you've touched on a lot of points that a lot of us seem to miss out on too. Thanks for a reminder to all of us! :)


BINGO! You covered it!

Vignettes are important in my booth(decorator'ish) but hard to keep up with - people often need to see things put together because they don't have the vision. I've sold pieces that were not a set - a dresser for instance that had a mirror on the wall above it. I might not have sold either if they hadn't been placed together.


Honestly it's one of the main reasons I don't have a booth in an antique mall, the maintenance and lack of time to fiddle with it.
I guess I'm OCD enough that if I walked into my booth and things had been sold or changed around enough and it didn't make sense that would really bother me........I have a lot of respect for those who do it, I just don't have the time right now in my life.

Guess I'll just stick with my Etsy shop!! It's much easier to rearrange...........:).


I'm a huge believer in #4! When I'm out buying and see a deal that's too good to pass up I'd rather buy it for another dealer in my co-op that is known for selling it than put it in my booth. In turn, those dealers now bring me my weird game pieces and odd papers that I love and my customers expect to find in my booth. Still having trouble with #1, I'm always saving for my beloved Goat Hill Fair.


I think you hit on five excellent points, especially number 5. Rearranging your booth as much as possible rotates your items so things that might have been missed before get "seen". Even when I didn't have fresh merchandise to add to my booth, rearranging always resulted in sales.

Marking down items never worked for me. I would price my items fairly. If it didn't sell, I would pull it and sell it elsewhere. I didn't want buyers to start waiting for things to get cheaper.


What an excellent post, Sue. As I've traveled to other parts of the country I notice cool trends or items and think, I should bring that to my booth (in Texas), but it's not really in keeping with our look. It's a slow process for this stubborn soul to evolve from, but I'm trying to stick with my brand instead of taking advantage of great "deals". I've also been very guilty of #1. My sis and I are going to set up at Warrenton again this Fall and I keep saving the "cool" stuff for then, but I have to remind myself, I'd like to make some money before then, so I can't hold every "killer" item back.
Thanks for sharing.

Cassie Anderson

Thanks for the motivation and for putting into words the very concepts I struggle with regularly! The venue I sell in is hotter than Hades this time of year and I get lazy when it's time to "stir the booth". Continued success to you!

Carol in Tulsa

Sue, thank you for taking the time to write this excellent post with much good advice! I can relate to all of it. The mall I'm in is adding another aisle of booth space, remodeling a storage area on one end of the building, and only the "cream of the crop" dealers were given the opportunity to rent these new spaces. I'm so excited to be one of them! I'll be giving up the smaller of my two current spaces, and this new one will give me quite a few more square feet of space.

Regarding "saving the good stuff for a show", I did that thinking I would participate in Vintage Market Days which was held here in Tulsa in the spring. However, I changed my mind, realizing that doing shows is NOT my cup of tea. I just don't have the physical energy for that. So fortunately, my attic is full of cool stuff which I can now use in my new space! So sometimes things work out in a different way which is even better than what we had planned.

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