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19 October 2013


Vicki Potter

You are so brave to post pix, so many people wouldn't understand how we live. To us it's just normal. I thought your piles were pretty organized compared to mine. My small "dining room" is also my painting room for small stuff, so it has 2 paint cupboards, paint table, asstd crap waiting to be painted, actual dining table loaded w/vintg paper goods/feed sacks, (no chairs by the way), another cupboard loaded w/ironstone inventory, and anything else that I can drop off there. At least you can put a bed in your guest room. My 2nd bedroom is tiny & filled w/bin racks, clothing rack, & 2 bookcases-which is why I didn't invite you to stay at my house during Bouckville-don't know where you could sleep-but since we would stay up all night talking junk & drinking wine it might have worked anyway. See ya the next time I'm down your way. Vicki


Sadly, I GET it! We all do who are in this business......luckily I've relegated my huge hoard to my studio room.....which is quite frightening in of itself.
Unless you have a separate storage place on your property, this is how it works.
Luckily I don't have a mall space, otherwise..........good for you for the "weeding out" of things you can't, won't, don't want to sell!


I have the exact same challenge! We moved in with my mom 7 years ago (the hubby, 2 teens a dog a cat...) and are packed in the house with a little storage unit built on (no garage) We live in CA so no land either. We have a pile in the backyard on a platform covered in tarps...other things just hanging around the backyard...smalls tucked in everywhere in the house.
I have gotten better about clearing out the items that don't sell....(my Mom's loud voice was a great incentive!)
For awhile I thought I would save things for the most awesome garage sale ever but like you, I have my big girl job, my booth, etsy, ebay and a family... so the garage sale never happened.
I bet you did make a huge dent! Good for you! From one hoarder to another!!!! hee!hee!


Go get 'em Sue! It is a hard task but if you keep at it a bit at a time you will be very happy. I went through same thing about 15 years ago. Found an old VHS tape taken of the place back then...can't believe how much clutter crap was in the basement! I sold the VHS player at this summer's yard sale and viewed the tape the week before.
Getting rid of stuff can really have a good emotional effect to, because you don't stress about all the stuff and working around it.


been there ... (still there...but not so much ...small house ..seriously no room ..it helps to move ..haha ...
there is truly no better feeling than when someone else picks your trash pile... always makes me feel much better than it going to the dump !
and i have 3 tubs of 'etsy' stuff ... for 3 years now ... wonder if i'll ever get it listed !1 haha

fonda rush

the challenges i face are a messy email list, which is up to over 200 that i will not be able to get through until i quit working with an entry on my facebook timeline that i just can't leave alone because some people need to be told to sit and wait when they all want to convict before the judicial system can work...i've gone to far...then, i have to overhaul my facebook page because of said barrage of offended readers who i have told to sit with me on a very sturdy very long fence until we know enough to fall one way or the other...but, i digress...then, i don't know what i'll do...maybe make some dinner or something...i'll figure it out...maybe...after that, i have to figure out what to do with the craft supplies that i don't seem to be using, but i don't know anyone i could give them to,so i would have to sell them, but we live on the highway, but you can't get to us that way...you have to go around...then, then, then... pant pant pant


I think everyone of us re-sellers can totally understand where you're coming from. It's not easy to keep SO MUCH STUFF tidy, but it's damn near harder to freaking leave it behind. Double edged sword I guess...
The only way I've been able to keep it under control is by only allowing myself one room. If that gets cluttered and nutty, then I spend some time in there and make it better. Some times it feels like that's all I ever do in there, clean and reorganize. But it keeps me from getting out of control like I'm sure I totally could. But that said, I only have a very small booth and a small Etsy shop. My situation is different from yours, but I can understand where you're coming from.
Yay to you for making a dent!!! Be proud, we all know how hard it is!

Melissa's Antiques

I am in the exact same position as you. The only people who braves my house is my mom. My significant other is used to the hoard, but suggests we spend our time at his place.

My stash of goodies for sale has literally taken over my tiny 1000 square foot house. It is 3 bedrooms and 1 is used soley as storage, the 2nd is a guest bedroom, to witch no one can even sleep in anymore (there's a bed there, I swear!), and 3rd is my (the master) bedroom-- and I store stuff there too! I have no basement, but I do have a 2 car garage and a small attic space. I like to park inside, so only half the garage is packed to the brim and there's no attic space left to speak of. I have kindly asked my father to put down more flooring, to make the attic bigger.

The big problem - I am getting out of my antique booth at the end of the month due to not having the time to keep it up. And it's costing me more than I'm making it seems. So, where does that junk go?

My only light at the end of the tunnel, is that I have decided to open my home up, estate sale style and get out as much as I possibly can! Or at the bare minimum have a garage sale.

So, no worries, you're not alone! Thanks for sharing and helping motivate the rest of us!!


Melissa just said it...estate sale! You're schlepping stuff to your booth and etsy....just have a sale right in your home:) instant storefront. we go to them every weekend. We'd be CRAZY glad to show up at your house! Do it a few times and Ill bet you'd be glad you did! Laura


FROM SUE: I'm not dead yet, so no estate sale. Vintage sales have been a bust. I wish, though!

Bohemian Valhalla

What!!! We're NOT NORMAL people?!? Uh, oh... *Winks* Yes, I confess I Share many of the same symptoms and activated my Plan in 2012, which is STILL a work in progress. Some days I make more progress than others... and then there is the dilemma that is ongoing... as stuff moves out... other stuff moves IN. So I have a 1 in 5 rule, if 1 thing comes in, 5 must leave... at least then I stand half a chance of simplifying, learning to edit and be more discerning about what comes in... well, sorta. At least you're working on a Plan and not in complete denial. Our Passion is sometimes also our Pain. I will likely never become a minimalist, but I'm trying hard not to be such a maximalist! Good luck. Dawn... The Bohemian

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