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03 November 2013



Time? Who has time to make bug hotels. Termites, that's who! We have all of those we need breaking down nature on out property:) Laura


Love this, especially for the bees, without with we will starve!

Wanda Clark

You can buy them here in Germany. We've got a small one in our backyard. It was neat to see you mention them on your blog.


Never thought I'd say it but these are really neat! Thank you for sharing.


Bug no tell motel! Hahaha, that provides a funny ass visual!

Eleanor and Kerry

I thought you were going to report about old wood "Junque" that we might collect being infested and thereby a "hotel"! Which you did allude to at the end... I do fear there might be unwanted guests in some of the rusty crusties! Now I have to find that magazine...


Thanks for sharing a great idea about bugs and tidy yards

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