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21 February 2014



You are so funny!
Mine would definitely be to teleport large purchases from PA to CA!
How about the ability to blink like Genie or wiggle your nose like Samantha and have a flea market full of good stuff, (cheap of course) at your disposal?
Hmmmm...now you have me thinking! karen....


I think about this at almost every flea market & yard sale I go to. I wish I had the super power to look at the vast array of items in front of me and see/focus on the diamond in the rough. (Like it would glow or something.) The item that will sell and not stay in my attic, basement, garage for years.


Fun topic! I would choose encyclopedic knowledge, so I'd know at a glance what is really valuable and rare!


Xray vision of course. To be able to sort through boxes and boxes of junk to find the hidden gems without bending over or getting my hands dirty would be the ultimate super power.


I would like to be able to make 50% off signs appear. Or a sign on a pile of junk that says "Free" to the person who can see beyond the junk and make something really cool.


I would like the ability to stop competitive bidders at estate auctions. Then I would be able to take home the treasures I want without paying a lot!

debbie york

I want the power of precognition. Imagine being able to "see" what folks will want before they even know they want it? I could buy cheap and sell high...mwah-ha-ha!


I want them all! All of the powers, I mean. And this: the ability to shift decimals to the left. If an item is $100, it's really only $10 -- for me, of course.


Hmmm... I think I would make the listings invisible to everyone but me until I walked out the door at each sale. That way I could get first pick without having to get up early on a day off and stand on a line.

Eddie Mitchell

I would want the ability to shrink large objects down to mini size, so that more of them would fit in the car, then grow them back when they get to the booth!


The ability to just "blink" my purchases as clean as I want them to be. No more fighting with poorly placed price stickers or grease pencils on books and otherwise pristine vintage boxes!


Definitely to teleport large purchases, across the street or across the country. Plus xray vision mentioned above because I love digging sales.


Well, to read buyers' and sellers' minds of course! So when someone comes up and looks longingly at my prized vintage Pyrex bowl and thinks "I really want that but I'm not paying a dime over $60 for it", I can say "The tag says, $75, but you can take it home today for $59".

Or, if a seller has a Hoosier cabinet for sale for $500 but is thinking, "I've had this piece for 3 years and it hasn't sold and I'll be damned if I lug this thing back home tonight and I will take $200 from the first person who offers . . .

Plus I'd like Eddie Mitchell's super power.

And to be able to instantly ID unmarked sterling from silverplate just by touch, dammit.


I would love to have super power when I am anywhere near yarn . That way I could get the best before it is taken. What fun it would be to have super power
Thanks for sharing

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