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09 May 2014



I regret selling off my McKee Roman Arch salt and pepper shakers on ebay years ago. I got a good price for them, but still, when I see them at flea markets now...Can you believe it? They make reproductions!


Regret is a weird beast for me, because I believe everything happens the way it should and blah blah blah... but I do regret not closing my jewelry shop and focusing on selling vintage a lot sooner than I have done. It's so much more rewarding, and if I'd done it earlier, I'd have the money saved up for my bricks and mortar by now...

Melissa's Antiques

I think I regret focusing SOLELY on selling on ebay and etsy for the first few years. I should've jumped into the booth scene much sooner. I love it so much more than online.


I wish I could get the umpf to list more frequently. Etsy is just like our booths, it gives back what we put into it.


I regret impulsive decisions and lack of research. Nothing more irritating and negative result oriented than this. I would prefer going for quality than for quantity now. That has to be the golden rule :)

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