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14 June 2014



Oh dear, I can relate. Every time I have to relocate my office or pack it up for a remodel I have to purge. Last time I took THREE bags to GW. Where does this stuff come from???


Yep I'm with Kathy, Sue....Can SO RELATE....Good Luck with it all....!!!!!

Betty in Arlington

Oh my! I have been through this, and are holding the hands of friends going through this with their parents' homes. It took is one month of July heat, mounds of trash bags, a few Salvation Army runs (I am on the board so I support SA) and a couple of dumpster dumpsters to get rid of their stuff. I did sell some, but just wasn't worth it after a while. Moldy books, forget it! I also went through three heavy duty paper shredders...coupons from 1978 that they were saving, too! Divide into three piles...save, donate/sell and trash. Get their good stuff out first! There was a recent article in the wash post.com on this! All the best to you and yours...I will be checking in with you. Good they are downsizing before a medical crisis like we had! Lord help us!

Eddie Mitchell

That's a lot of purging for one person all at once. There's bound to be a lot of emotions going on, particularly with your parents. Try to take care of yourself and not wear yourself out too much. I'll be thinking of you.

Melissa's Antiques

Good luck with all the purging! I am truly trying to purge my junk hoard, as it has escaped the one bedroom I designated for it and has slowly crept into part of the living room and a second bed room.

laurie magpie ethel

I like that you and your boss are trying to get a "special dispensation"....3 boxes...sheesh!
We are facing purging my parents house as well. They are in a huge house with a gigantic attic and am sure it will be a chore once we start. (They are also (like your parents) ready to head to a retirement place)


Like all addictions, hoarding starts as your friend, then becomes your enemy. As stressful as purging is, the freedom you feel when it is done is amazing. Like you're so light you can fly! (Just think how you felt when you got rid of all that painted furniture!) So deep breaths, one box at a time and I'll meet you on the other side. (I'm purging this summer too!)

Eleanor and Kerry

Good LuckI I can relate! Don't take anything home from the office because then you will have to deal with it later. I have been there, done that. And best wishes to your parents!

At Rivercrest Cottage

Got a real kick out of this post. The visual of your Dad running off with Mom's stuff to Goodwill cracks me up (maybe too close to home?)

Betty in Arlington

How is the parents' purging going?

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