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13 June 2015



I would love to come to your home. Im judgment free. It cant be any worse than some of my most favorite places on the earth :) Laura



Fonda Rush

I have little hoards, too. Many. Thank you for sharing yours.

Kim Fitzgerald

I love this post. Tiny treasures are hard to resist and are often overlooked. The little hoards are easy to hide away and fun to rediscover.

My two year old granddaughter delights in uncovering treasures while visiting and instinctively finds my best stuff.

I am looking forward to seeing more of yours in future posts!


It did. And (to no one's surprise) I have that exact bracelet.


I am smiling and thank you for identifying that kind of photography. I like it too and didn't know it actually had a name.

laurie mapgie ethel

Lots of little hoard here too (surprise, surprise). Fun stuff and love following Tamarah. I got to hang out with her when she was stateside and she is a gem.

julie thompson

Tiny hoard is my new favorite phrase (a much better way to describe my decor). Yes, made me smile too.

Melissa's Antiques

I do this too... not to mention my actual room and garage full of junk!

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