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25 July 2015


Susanna-Cole King

Seeing as I struggle to ever remember (bother) to put on the one apron I own (as much as I like it), I probably don't need 21 one of them, but these are lovely nonetheless! And popping over to your shop, I just realized you're the one I bought a McCaskey receipt holder from, for my sister (who wanted one, after seeing mine). It now lives in the bay window on a farm. ^_^

Bohemian Valhalla

I've been doing a major destash myself since we just Moved and thought if I don't do it now, with this primo opportunity, when would I actually do it? *Winks* Of coarse Moving takes way longer than you Imagine it will and I'm quickly falling out of Love with so many things I'm now too weary to haul to the new Home from the old Homestead... so I've just had Picker Friends coming to the old place to help clear it out so I can put it up for Sale. Honeyhole for them... weight off my shoulders for me not to have to deal with it! Dawn... The Bohemian

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