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09 July 2015


Susanna-Cole King

Alas, someone who gets me! Been perusing the internet for vintage blogs to follow, and have mostly come up with (1) too commercialized (2) too stuffy-antiques-esque (3) too fashion-only oriented...but this, this potpourri of vintage knick-knacks is precisely the kind of things that I collect obsessively and that lie around on my dresser (and many other surfaces, as well). Do you think those plastic figures in swimsuits were once on a cake? Or do you know what they were for? They remind me of the vintage ballerinas that my mother had a childhood cake and that were also on my sister and my cakes growing up. What are the photos of the female mug shots in?

See, you may not know why you collect these things, but I do know if I came over, I could spend a long time looking at it all, and asking about them all, ha. I love people who keep their homes like a walk in cabinet of curiosities, and I do the same!


Thanks for the compliment. My blog is specifically designed for people who "get" the hoard and the compulsion to shop!

I don't know about the bathers, but I doubt it. I'm hoping they were "drink sitters". The female mug shots are employee badges from the El Toro USMC air base.


Do you know what the “Delegate” pin is for? Obviously for a delegate, but for what organization? I too found one...at some sale...somewhere.
And for some reason I LOVE it....like so many little things.
I enjoy your blog, and the way you write.
Thank You!

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