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17 December 2015


Sandy Guill

What do you feel the advantage is of posting in the forums and participating in team efforts. Do you think this really generates more sales?


I think the listing more often definitely helps, but I think that's simply because a full shop is a healthy shop - and I have heard some in the forum say too much can be as bad as not enough! I looked through my stats for the whole year in my busiest shop and I couldn't find any correlation between listing, hearts and selling. Some months I barely listed at all and I sold like wildfire.

That's fab that you've been teaching classes on etsy; I am building an online course for the same thing but it never occurred to me to approach my local learning center!

Laurie S.

Yikes! I have been planning to open an Etsy store for well over a year for vintage. I am a big chicken. I do not have a fancy camera, and I also have a very shaky understanding of PayPal. I have let those things impede my progress for far too long as I am running out of room for my junking treasures. I will be watching your blog and searching you out on the message boards on Etsy.

How fun that you got to go to the get-together!

Patti McCarthy

SEO? Sorry,, I Cannot figure it out!

Melissa's Antiques

I'd love to know more about SEO!

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