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22 May 2016


Maria (Magia Mia)

That's a shame about the rain-out. Such hard work for everyone.

I always thought the Luckett's show was antique/vintage only. I guess organizers anticipate a bigger draw with old + new?

Mary S Rickles

Glad to see you back at the blog. I'm with my 91 year old mother so quite understand what your life is like now. I have let my etsy shop stay open with hardly anything in it and going junking is a rare thing. Like you, I feel out of sync with how shows and shops are heading away from vintage and antique. It'll come back around ~ somehow it always does. Hang in there.

Kim  @ Vintage Pretties

Ugh, Lucketts was really rough this year for vendors! I was glad to catch up with you, even though we were water-logged :)

Melissa's Antiques

Glad to see you back in blogland! I pared down my shows to just one, as of last year. This year - zero shows. But, I did at a new booth space at a new antique shop. Shows are just way more work than they are worth anymore. It does seem that more and more people only want crappy 80s thrift store furniture that's been painted with a thick coat of paint... or new stuff made to look old.


Welcome back! I work the sales at our mall about 4 times a year. It was an eye opener for me to see what was actually coming across the desk for sale. Although our mall requires dealers to have 90% antiques, everything I see being sold in less than 10 years old, things that have been painted and have "sayings" on it, and new stuff made to look old. It has been disappointing. Our mall just closed because the dealer was retiring and moving to Florida. I was faced with the decision to continue in another mall or get out of the business altogether. A mall in a town over 30 miles away just opened a new section and several of the dealers from our old mall are going there. For now, I will try it there, but am still leaning towards getting out altogether (but I still love the hunt!!!).


omg your boots are incredible.

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