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04 May 2017



Missed you. Glad to see you back. I would have bought the flashcards too. No clue what I would do with them. I like the way they look.

Bohemian Valhalla

Welcome Back, enjoyed seeing your Great Scores and Junquing Journeys. Dawn... The Bohemian


Glad to find you are back!

laurie magpie ethel

Wish Amy and I could have met you in Round Top again...what a great place to shop and just soak in the experience of it.
Glad to see you back in blogland.


Welcome back! Missed you!


Welcome back! Wish I had been able to attend Texas Antiques Week, but we had literally just sold our house the week before, so it was tough to sell the hubby on using vacation time to junk, instead of move.

mary scott

Happy to see you back!


I haven't been out there in a number of years. Do you think it's changed? That's what people tell me. Lots more imported stuff. I guess I haven't been in ten years, but I used to go every year for a number of years and loved it. Then real life got in the way and I guess I got out of the habit of going.

Marjolein Scott

Hi there, it was fun seeing this post. These are not flashcards, they are a much loved Dutch card game for kids. These are the rules:
A random player starts. When it's your turn, ask one of the other players a card that you do not have. This must then be a card from a quartet of which you have at least one card in your hand. Name the quartet name and ask for the card you want. If the player has that card, he must hand it to you and you may continue to ask for cards. This is allowed to the same or another player. If you have a set of four cards, you call "Quartet!" and place the four matching cards in front of you on the table. If the player does not have the requested card, your turn is over and the player to whom you last requested a card is next. The game ends when all quartets are complete.

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