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13 June 2017


Bohemian Valhalla

That's hilarious and I can relate to it so clearly I buy too much stuff too. But those are Wonderful and so I'm Glad they were yours and you didn't have to purchase them twice. *winks* Dawn... The Bohemian

Ree Cee

You're my sister from another mister. I could probably go into one of my umpteen storage units and blissfully "shop" it because I buy and promptly forget the goodies I supposedly love. How can I forget something I LOVE?!? I'm guessing it's because of the sheer quantity and my lack of memory lately.

Just today I found a little shopping bag in between the my front seat and the middle console. It had three pieces of Chico's jewelry, NWT, and a little bag of skeleton keys I bought at a yard sale. I bought these months ago. But I totally forgot about them.

What to do, what to do. Meh, who cares - I'll keep buying and enjoying life. I hope you do too.

PS - My black hole is my purse. I took out a crescent wrench and a screwdriver out of it today (put together shelves for storage - ha!).


Those are wonderful! I can totally relate...


Oh man. Been there, done that.

mary scott

This happens to me whenever I empty a cabinet or closet to purge stuff. Find stuff I have no recollection of ever seeing before. I live alone, so can't blame any one else!

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