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02 November 2018



Huh. Kitchen scales? I do great with kitchen scales.

I'm going to stop buying wall plates. With the popularity of gallery walls, you'd think they'd sell better but no one wants them anymore. Maybe you do better with them like I do with the scales.

I was actually thinking of renting space in a store where I am required to work there at least one day a week. You learn a lot more in "real life," i.e. talking to the other vendors. I want to learn more about art since I am attracted to it and I buy a lot of it but don't know what it is. Reading about it online is hard. I still can't identify what I have and so I have a ton of artwork just sitting here because I have performance anxiety.

I want to cut back on Facebook. This kind of stuff is much better.


Picnic baskets. I love them, can't stop buying them and they just don't sell. Also crock bowls, again, I love them, but they don't move in my booths at all. I am also jettisoning the booths that aren't working for me. I have already gotten out of one, and I will be out of the other by the end of the year. I am going to stop buying things just because I think I might be able to sell it. I have started carefully curating what I offer. I think I know who my customers are at each venue and the price points they are willing to pay. I am sticking to that even if I really love something.


Also, glad to see you are posting again! You have been missed!


I recently did some similar thinking. I purged my booth of 10 XL totes full of things that weren't selling. They'll be heading to auction eventually. Online sales used to be strong for me, but I no longer have time to dedicate to them, so I'm thinking of hosting a barn sale once a month (when it's warm) at my house, since I have plenty of space. I'm also considering some shows/markets/etc where the booth rent is cheap and I could off-load lots of stuff in a day. I'm all about getting the most bang for your buck. I'll continue with my booths, because I love the shop I'm in and I always do well there. Plus, I hope to buy it from the aging owner one day. Great location, great customer base, etc.

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